Author, educator and designer, Maggie Macnab, discusses her new book, Design by Nature, and explains how anyone can incorporate nature-inspired design into their lives on the KUNM radio program, Women's Focus.


The Branching Pattern in Design: A demonstration of how Maggie uses a pattern of nature in design. The branching pattern intuitively communicates the movement of energy from one place to another in physical space. In this example, the branching pattern is embedded into a logo for ISTEC (Ibero-American Science and Technology Educational Consortium), an international tech transfer non-profit whose purpose is to source and provide software, hardware and training to universities in Central and South America, and the Iberian Peninsula. The tech companies can then choose potential new employees from a pool of the best students, intuitively reinforcing the reciprocal nature of energy transference between people, cultures and disciplines.


Interview 1: In this interview with Peachpit Press, Maggie discusses the purpose of Design by Nature, examples of universal patterns and symbols that can be applied to design, exercise examples, and what she sees as the future possibility of the web and how it can be used creatively.


Interview 2: In the second part of the interview with Peachpit, Maggie discusses her approach to the design process, gives an example of embedding a pattern or shape into design to create an intuitive relationship with the viewer, and talks about the advice she's received that has put her on the path of integrating nature into her work and life.


TEDxABQ: Maggie traces the links of cultural iconography and pop/corporate symbolism back to their origins in the natural world to support the relationship between human creative problem-solving and nature’s process.

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